By artist : Sylvie Guillot (20 drawings)



  • Sylvie Guillot and Julien Tiberi drawing in court (more details)
  • Victim (more details)
  • Prosecutor (more details)
  • Lawyer and the accused (more details)
  • Lawyers representing the 'partie civile' (more details)
  • Witness (more details)
  • Witness / defendant (more details)
  • The accused (more details)
  • Entrance of the the accused (more details)
  • The accused in the dock (more details)
  • Medical legal expert and prosecuting counsel (more details)
  • Conversation between a lawyer and the prosecutor (more details)
  • The lawyers representing the 'partie civile' make their speech (more details)
  • The accused and lawyer (more details)
  • Pause (more details)
  • Accused in the dock (more details)
  • Accused in the dock and lawyers (more details)
  • Accused (more details)
  • Accused (more details)
  • Exhibits (more details)