Shaping the future


Ephemeral, linked to a specific news event, very few courtroom sketches are reused after their first publication or broadcast. Yet in the last few years, publishers’ interest has been aroused. Books have appeared with compilations of drawings made during a trial that attracted intense media attention, offering readers global views of the case being judged.
Among the recently published titles features ‘Greffier’ by Joann Sfar, who followed the trial involving the caricatures of Mohammed, and ‘Le procès Colonna’ which was covered for several months by the artist Tignous.
Even if these books were not bestsellers, in spite of the media attention the cases attracted, they did succeed in giving the courtroom sketch a new visibility and notoriety which it had lost in recent times.

Listen to Riss, artist - 02:49 [MP3 - 1.9 Méga octets]

Listen to Tignous, artist - 01:28 [MP3 - 1 Méga octets]

Image n°1 : Mémoires de justice : les procès Barbie, Touvier, Papon.

Michel Zaoui ; légendes et dessins Noëlle Herrenschmidt ; photographies Antoine Garapon. Seuil. 2009.

Image n°2 : Le Tour de France du crime.

Riss. Charlie Hebdo, hors-série n°11. 1999.

Image n°3 : Le Procès Colonna.

Tignous, Paganelli. 12bis. Riss. Charlie Hebdo, hors-série n°11. 2008.

Image n°4 : Greffier : les carnets de Joann Sfar.

Joann Sfar. Coll. Shampooing, Delcourt. Riss. Charlie Hebdo, hors-série n°11. 2007.