Shaping the future

On the Internet

Artists who specialize in courtroom sketches now give a new lease of life to their drawings by posting them on their blogs or their own site.
This presence on the Internet is a way of making their work known and sometimes contacting future employers.
Many of them use the net as a showcase for their more personal, more ‘artistic’ graphic work, realised in a less confining situation than their sketches for the press; artists such as Gally Mathias, or Benoit Peyrucq. Some court reporters also use courtroom sketches to relate the trial they are covering in their blog, for example Pascale Robert-Diard covering the Clearstream case.
Newspapers’ sites are innovating new ways of recounting a trial using courtroom sketches with, in Le Monde for example, Noëlle Herrenschmidt’s drawings for theClearstream trial on-line, or those of Dominique Lemarié for the Tiberi trial.

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Image n°1 : View Gally Mathias' blog.


© Mathias Gally

Image n°2 : View Benoit Peyrucq's blog.


© Benoit Peyrucq

Image n°3 : View The Sound Portfolio: Tiberi Trial. 2009.

© Dominique Lemarié

Image n°4 : View The Sound Portfolio: Clearstream. 2009.

© Noelle Herrenschmidt

Image n°5 : View the Courtroom Chronicles, Florence Robert-Diard's blog.


© Florence Robert-Diard