Drawing techniques

Different techniques used

Drawing techniques are as varied as the artists who use them. It is natural that each artist should employ the drawing tool or technique that expresses their expertise and graphic talent to the maximum.
But there is another consideration: the tool is often chosen according to the conditions under which the sketches will be executed.
The artist who must dispatch his drawing or have it filmed at the end of the sitting will prefer quick-drying media such as felt-tips, coloured pencils, even wax crayons.
Indian inks or watercolours are also commonly used, but they require more voluminous materials to be at hand – bottles of ink, boxes of watercolours, water, brushes – not easy to manipulate in the often cramped spaces allotted to the artists.
All these techniques and tools can however be combined, which is most often the case.

Listen to Cabu, artist - 00:11 [MP3 - 0.1 Méga octets]

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Gally Mathias, artist - 00:55 [Video - 3.8 Méga octets]

Image : Papon Trial, Law Courts in Bordeaux.

1997. Pencil and watercolour, 32x41cm.

© Noëlle Herrenschmidt