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Court clerk

The court clerk is a civil servant employed by the Ministry of Justice whose job is to assist the judges in their mission. They establish and certify the acts of the procedure during the court hearing.
They also make records of the cases, inform the parties of the dates of hearings and the closure, make and transmit official records of proceedings, formulate legal decisions and assist the judge during hearings.
Certain procedures and acts cannot legally be carried out without the presence of the court clerk.

Image n°1 : Court Clerk, Fourniret Trial, Law Courts in Charleville-Mézières.

Benoit Peyrucq. 2008. pencil and watercolour, 29x42cm.

© Benoit Peyrucq

Image n°2 : Court Clerk, Law Courts in Paris.

Tignous. 2004. felt-tip pen.

© Tignous