The People


Witnesses must expose the facts they have knowledge of to the court in order to facilitate the discovery of the truth.
At the hearing, only witnesses over 16 who are not members of the accused’s family take oath and swear to reply unambiguously, without voluntary omission. In case of false testimony, they may be prosecuted.
So that the testimony should not be biased, they wait in an isolated room until they are called into the witness box.
Apart from experts, anyone who comes to give testimony is a témoin (witness).

Image n°1 : Witness, Law Courts in Quimper.

Astrid de la Forest. 1997. ink and pastel, 29,7x41 cm.

© Astrid de la Forest

Image n°2 : Witness.

Sylvie Guillot. 2001. pencil and watercolour, 32,7x50 cm.

© Sylvie Guillot

Image n°3 : Witness / defendant.

Sylvie Guillot. 2003. pencil and watercolour, 32,5 x 50 cm.

© Sylvie Guillot

Image n°4 : Police witness, Law Courts in Paris.

Astrid de la Forest. 1990. ink and pastel, 40x60 cm.

© Astrid de la Forest

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