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Parties civiles

The “partie civile” is a specifically French status, permitting a person who is the victim of an offense to become a party in the case and to be represented by a lawyer. Only the person who actually suffered harm can be a “partie civile”.
If the victim engages an action civile (civil action) before a penal jurisdiction, the term used is constitution de partie civile (the victim applies to join proceedings as a civil party).

Image n°1 : Lawyers representing the 'partie civile', Law Courts in Rouen.

Sylvie Guillot. 2003. pencil and watercolour, 32,5x50 cm.

© Sylvie Guillot

Image n°2 : Parties civiles, Papon Trial, Law Courts in Bordeaux.

Riss. 1997. pencil, 43,5 x 139 cm.

© Riss