The People


The prosecutor represents the State council’s office, sometimes called the parquet in France. They represent the interests of society. In this aim, they institute penal proceedings and defend them at the trial.
The State prosecutor is the head of the Prosecution service in courts of first instance, assisted and represented by assistant prosecutors, vice-procureurs (Deputy State prosecutor), and substituts (assistant State prosecutor).
The Procureur général (Principal State Counsel) represents the parquet in appeal and criminal courts, assisted and represented by avocats généraux (prosecutors) or substituts généraux (assistant primary state counsel).
In French, they are all called ‘magistrats’, like judges, even the avocat general (prosecutors).

Image : Prosecutor.

Sylvie Guillot. 2007. pencil and watercolour, 32x29,7 cm.

© Sylvie Guillot

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