Comparing jurisdictions

Members of the Jury

In the USA, as in other countries where common law is prevalent, the jury sits in a box, separate from the judge who is alone at the bench.
A witness is generally seated in the witness box, next to the bench, and they address the jury when giving their testimony.
The judge can instruct the jury at the beginning of the hearing, but also at other times, to remind them of the law, explain something that occurs during the hearing, tell them how much weight should be accorded to doubt when they are in discussion.

Image n°1 : Jury Box, United States.

1977. felt-tip pen, 36x42,5 cm.

© Dominique Lemarié

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Image n°2 : Judge addressing the jury, Australia.

Noëlle Herrenschmidt. 2004. pencil and watercolour, 21x29,7 cm.

© Noëlle Herrenschmidt

Image n°3 : Judge addressing the jury, United States.

Dominique Lemarié. 1977. felt-tip pen, 36x42,5 cm.

© Dominique Lemarié