Comparing jurisdictions


In the USA, experts are called expert witnesses because their status is that of a witness. Like in France, they can touch the items of evidence or bring documents to support their testimony. In one of the drawings here, the female expert is being questioned by a lawyer. The judge and the other lawyers are listening, and the typist is busy writing everything down.
On another, the man is perhaps a police inspector, or an expert in weapons with blades.

Image n°1 : Legal expert, lawyers and Judge, United States.

Dominique Lemarié. 1980. felt-tip pen, 36 x 42,5 cm .

© Dominique Lemarié

Image n°2 : Legal expert, United States,.

Dominique Lemarié. 1981. felt-tip pen, 36 x 42,5 cm .

© Dominique Lemarié

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