Stages of the proceedings

Speech for the defence

For the closing speech also, the defendant’s lawyer must be last to speak. They sum up their arguments, insisting on points that are favourable to the accused.
These elements, which are to the accused’s advantage, tend to prove their innocence or minimise their guilt, and especially influence the extent of the eventual sentence.

Image n°1 : Speech for the defence, Law Courts in Strasbourg.

Gally Mathias . 2008. felt-tip pen. 21x29,7 cm.

© Gally Mathias

Image n°2 : Speech for the defence, Papon Trial,Law Courts in Bordeaux.

Noëlle Herrenschmidt . 1998. watercolour, 32x41 cm.

© Noëlle Herrenschmidt

Image n°3 : Speech for the defence, Law Courts in Sarreguemines.

Astrid de la Forest. ink and pastel, 29,7x41cm.

© Astrid de la Forest

Image n°4 : Speech for the defence, Law Courts in Paris.

Benoit Peyrucq. 2007. pencil and watercolour. 32x41 cm.

© Benoit Peyrucq