Stages of the proceedings

Reading the verdict

When the court and the jury have deliberated, the hearing continues, and all the protagonists, and the public, are recalled.
The court enters, and the accused stands to hear the verdict.
The presiding judge reads the decision, giving the court and the jury’s answer to each of the questions.
If the accused is found guilty, the judge proceeds to the sentence.
Finally, if the trial is en premier ressort (first instance), the judge informs the accused of the possibility to appeal.
If the court has condemned the accused to prison, and the accused has not been on remand, or if the period of detention is inferior to the sentence, the accused is taken to a penitentiary establishment directly after the trial.

Image n°1 : Reading the verdict, Law Courts in Arlon.

Palix. 2004. watercolour, 29,7x42 cm.

© Palix

Image n°2 : Reading the verdict, Law Courts in Paris.

Tignous. 2007. felt-tip pen. .

© Tignous