Portraits of the artists


I was born on the January 13, 1938 at Châlons-sur-Marne. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember.
At 13, I did drawings for the school news sheet, as well as for the local daily, L’Union. I worked for them until 1961. Between times, aged 19, I drew my first page for Paris Match.
On return from my military service in Algeria, I participated in the Hara-kiri venture from 1960 to 1983, then Pilote from 1962 to 1972.
But it was while working for Le Figaro, between 1966 and 1971, that I created the courtroom sketches of the Ben Barka trial. From 1977 to 1987, I took part in the TV programme Récré A2.
After the first life of Charlie Hebdo from 1970 to 1982, I relaunched the title with some friends in 1992, and I still work for Le Canard enchaîné.

Listen to Cabu, artist - 01:11 [MP3 - 0.8 Méga octets]

Image n°1 : Cabu drawing at the Ben Barka Trial.

1966. 27x20,5cm.

© Donga

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Image n°2 : The Court of the French General Medical Council, Paris .

Cabu. 2007. Felt-tip pen, 13,5x35,3cm.

© Cabu

Image n°3 : Trial, Law Courts in Nanterre.

Cabu. Collage for publication in Charlie-hebdo, felt-tip pen, 50x30,3cm.

© Cabu

Image n°4 : Trial for the cover of La Grossse Bertha, Law Courts in Paris.

Cabu. 1991. Collage for publication in Charlie-hebdo, felt-tip pen, 21,5x22,5cm.

© Cabu