Portraits of the artists

Palix (Pierre-Alexandre Haquin)

I graduated from Saint Luc Liège (Belgium) in 1998.
I’ve been doing all kinds of illustration for the past ten years, for diffusion on television, the Internet and the press.
I get as much fun out of doing phantasmagorical drawings as illustrations for the press or paintings.
Thanks to a meeting with Pierre Kroll (Belgium’s Plantu), I have participated, since 2003, in important trials in the Assize court in Belgium for TV and the press. My first two trials received enormous media attention: the trial of those who gave the orders for the assassination of the Minister of State André Cools, and especially, a few months later, Marc Dutroux. I am the only artist to have followed all 16 weeks of that trial.
These two events made me known to the entire Belgian media, who have been giving me commissions ever since. In 2008 I attended the Fourniret trial in France.
What appeals to me about this job is trying to comprehend a situation. A trial in a criminal court recounts the same story several times over from different angles. The indictment, the psychiatrists, the lawyers, the various witnesses tell ‘their’ story, and from those versions, you have to deduce a reality, which will be the version justice retains… I take great interest in following these proceedings, which is why I always say that, in a courtroom, I draw with my ears...
Some of my work can be seen on www.palix.be

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Image n°1 : Dutroux Trial.

Soir Mag. 2004.

© Palix

Image n°2 : Policemen and the accused, Law Courts in Liège.

Palix,. 2008. watercolour, 21x29,7 cm.

© Palix,

Image n°3 : The accused and Presiding judge, Law Courts d'Arlon.

Palix . 2004. watercolour, 29,7x42 cm.

© Palix

Image n°4 : Prosecutor's speech.

Palix. 2008. watercolour. 21x29,7 cm .

© Palix

Image n°5 : Reconstitution, Fourniret Trial, Law Courts in Charleville-Mézières .

Palix. 2008. Watercolour, 21x29,7cm.

© Palix

Image n°6 : Dutroux Trial, visite de la cour à Marcinelle.

Palix. 2004. Watercolour, 21x29,7 cm.

© Palix