Portraits of the artists

Benoit Peyrucq

Shortly after I qualified from the Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris in 1986, I settled in the north of the Manche department, in the Lower Normandy region.
I work mainly in watercolours on a wide range of subjects and always from life or nature, subjects like country and seascapes, Mont Saint Michel, sport, music, and even the courtrooms.
Keen on Daumier, I began to work on legal subjects myself, then the press noticed my work.
I’ve been painting during trials for 11 years now: the Guy Georges trial, phone-tapping trials, Colonna, Fourniret ....
For the past 7 years I’ve been working with Agence France Presse, my drawings appearing in newspapers such as Libération, Le Figaro or for the TV channel Canal+.
Courtroom sketches require strong powers of observation.
Personally, I remain impartial. I try to capture what is happening at the trial as faithfully as possible. I concentrate on the characters, their expressions, their poses.
It is essential to work quickly and immediately.
I try not to miss anything: the position the hands, the look, the emotional state. Each trial is a challenge for me.

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Image n°1 : Sylvie Guillot and Julien Tiberi drawing in court.

9 mars 2009. Watercolour, 29x42cm.

© Benoit Peyrucq

Image n°2 : Lawyer, Law Courts in Paris.

2004. Walnut ink, 50x32,2cm.

© Benoit Peyrucq

Image n°3 : Special Court set up in the 'salle des pas perdus', Growth Hormone trial, Law Courts in Paris.

Benoit Peyrucq. 2008. pencil and watercolour, 41x32 cm.

© Benoit Peyrucq

Image n°4 : Speech for the defence, Law Courts in Paris.

Benoit Peyrucq. 2007. pencil and watercolour. 32x41 cm.

© Benoit Peyrucq

Image n°5 : Witness, accused in the dock, Fourniret Trial, Law Courts in Charleville-Mézières.

Benoit Peyrucq. 2008. Pencil and watercolour, 32x41cm.

© Benoit Peyrucq

Image n°6 : Accused, lawyers, Fourniret Trial, Law Courts in Charleville-Mézières.

Benoit Peyrucq. 2008. Pencil and watercolour, 29,7x42cm.

© Benoit Peyrucq