Portraits of the artists

Dominique Lemarié

In 1974, I was spending my summer holidays on the other side of the Atlantic, staying with my French aunt and cousins in the aim of improving my English.
At that time, President Richard Nixon was stepping down. The trial of the Watergate Affair was looming …
For me, that’s when it all started, at the editorial desk of the local TV channel W.M.A.R., in the north of Washington. My uncle Bob Fleischer, cameraman and great war photographer in Vietnam, suggested to his chief editor that they use me as an artist. Without very much conviction, just ‘filling a gap’, I stayed there for over 11 years! I never knew such a job existed: an open door, luck, fate?
For me, ‘the American Dream’ was about to begin.
Once back in France, thanks to different editors-in-chief, I have managed to continue in this difficult and fascinating profession. For almost 8 years now, France 3’s national network has placed its trust in me.
Art, Justice, the Press, these three facets still continue to fascinate me today.
The most important cases I’ve followed are Klaus Barbie, Maurice Papon, the Nantes hostage-taking, the bomb attacks in the RER Saint-Michel, Yvan Colonna, Clearstream, etc.
In the 21st century, we follow humbly in the footsteps of the great Honoré Daumier.

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Image n°1 : Judge, United States.

1981. Feutre, 29x37cm.

© Dominique Lemarié

Image n°2 : Judge addressing the jury, United States.

Dominique Lemarié. 1977. felt-tip pen, 36x42,5 cm.

© Dominique Lemarié

Image n°3 : Courtroom, United States.

Dominique Lemarié. felt-tip pen, 36x42,5 cm.

© Dominique Lemarié

Image n°4 : Legal expert, United States,.

Dominique Lemarié. 1981. felt-tip pen, 36 x 42,5 cm .

© Dominique Lemarié

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Image n°5 : Papon Trial, Law Courts in Bordeaux.

Dominique Lemarié. 1997. Pencil.

© Dominique Lemarié

Image n°6 : Accused and lawyers, Law Courts in Paris.

Dominique Lemarié. 2008. Watercolour, 37,5x44,5cm.

© Dominique Lemarié

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